Priyata Raghavan  |  Director, Faridabad

Proximity to the customer has always been our focus.We spread across locations, across products ranges, and across technologies to achieve this. Proximity also builds from a sustained attempt at working with our clients to better understand their needs, Priyata Raghavantheir business model and their operations, to make our value delivery more effective. We have thus attained the preferred vendor status with most of our clients. This has been achieved by continuous improvement of service levels through a motivated team of experts.

Arvind Sekhar  |  Director, Bangalore

At Sai Packaging, we are proud to state that we have implemented the Kaizen principles of management. Kaizen at Sai is an operational philosophy that connects well with our spiritual mindset. Kaizen principles have given us a formula to continually reduce cost and Arvind Sekharimprove service levels by seeing and eliminating waste in all forms. It has given a creative spark to every member of the organization that in time will prove to be a sustainable differentiator. We are aided in this journey by Kaizen experts from the automotive industry.